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For Landowners

Local Work Group Meeting

The Local Work Group Meetings are a locally led, information gathering meeting to assist NRCS with their programming needs.  The feedback and information gathered aides NRCS in both financial and technical assistance administration and implementation.  The information gathered has enabled NRCS to:

  • Adjust priority resource concerns
  • Change allocation distributions
  • Create new fund pools for priority / specialized projects
  • Request changes in payment schedules
  • Inform technical decisions and state level implementation requirements
  • Identify barriers in local and state level program participation
  • Adopt / identify new technologies and practices that have proven successful locally
  • Collect local success stories
  • Understand training needs for producers, partners and staff

The Fremont Conservation District holds these meeting annually, in either May or June - watch for more information!!  This year our meeting was held on June 17th at Jenkins Farms in Penrose.  We had a soil health demonstration and a presentation on fire mitigation and wildlife.  We had 18 landowners in attendance for this meeting.  Below is some information on what we gather and what its purpose is.  

2021 lwg survey results.pdfnrcs resource concern guide sheets.pdf2017 local and statewide agricultural summary information.pdf


Workshops for Local Gardening Groups

The Fremont Conservation District can put together a workshop for your gardening club!!  We have presentations on pollinators, bees, basic gardening, noxious weeds and small acreage management.  We can do these workshops at your place or ours - just give us a call!!  Happy Gardening!!