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CoAgMet Stations - Fremont County

In 2010 Upper Ark Water Conservancy District (UAWCD) established a network of weather stations as part of the Colorado Agricultural Meteorological Network (CoAgMet). The stations provide data that can be used to accurately calculate evapo-transpiration (ET), a critical component in determining impacts from changes of water rights in engineering studies. In 2010 there were no meteorological stations of this type in the upper basin that could be used to calculate consumptive use from water right changes.  Typically engineers will estimate crop ET using a correlative study from stations as remote as Center, Colorado.  Obviously this is a less accurate measure of crop ET and having good historic meteorological data in the basin will greatly assist future engineering efforts. In addition to providing data for engineering studies and analysis, the data collected by these stations are utilized to determine the amount of moisture needed for various crops.  Farmers and ranchers utilize the data to develop an irrigation program and improve water use efficiency thereby conserving water, also know as an irrigation scheduler (   The stations are also critical for use with lease-following opportunities. 

Links to the Penrose and Canon City stations are included on this page along with other informational websites.