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District Manager Job Requirements

District Manager (DM) What the job is and requires:

  • This position is employed through the Fremont Conservation District, a political subdivision of the State of Colorado, which serves landowners of Fremont County who are “in the District”, through cost share for conservation practices, workshops and other various types of outreach. 
  • Assures that all in-coming customers and phone calls to the USDA Service Center are greeted and taken care of in a timely and professional manner. Assist where appropriate with other Service Center personnel. Ensure that all duties performed will reflect favorably on the District and the USDA Service Center. Customer Service skills a necessity. 
  • Organize monthly Board meetings, which includes distributing tentative agenda items to the Supervisors before the meeting and taking minutes at the monthly board meetings and any special meetings held. Monthly accounting, financials, payroll and checks to be signed for the meeting. Knowledge of how to run a board meeting and take minutes is recommended. 
  • Assisting District landowners with cost share conservation practices that the District provides funding for, and, working with the DCT from start to finish on these applications. Assist landowners who are not within the District boundaries in petitioning into the District in order to participate in the District programs. 
  • Acquire grant funding through various resources for landowner or community projects (CSCB or other grant sources). 
  • This is a government entity with annual reports due to keep the District in “good standing” with the State. These are required to be submitted in a timely manner and before or by the due dates. 
  • Plan and organize District Annual meeting, classes, and workshops. Attend other meetings as the District Board requires.  Outreach can include conservation education to local schools and landowners.
  • Assist with a variety of projects that the District supports –individual projects with local landowners and others that may currently be in the planning stages, pre-school gardens and other youth outreach. 
  • Manage District based website and social media page(s). 
  • Job description is not intended to be all-inclusive. Other reasonable duties may be assigned by Supervisors. 
  • Work will be conducted in a Federal building on Federal government equipment and requires a background check, fingerprints and security clearance. This clearance may take up to 6 weeks of time, in which time, training may consist of reading conservation materials, going through instruction manuals, and doing what can be done on the District computers